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Polo South Africa

… The state of great comfort and refined living or an essential desirable item of great beauty…This is the Oxford Dictionary’s definition of luxury, but equally this could be used to define Polo. The true blend of heritage and style has always been at the heart of one of the country’s most inspirational lifestyle brands. While quietly understated it confidently exudes quality through rich embroidery of the finest textured fabrics, beautiful tailoring and attention to detail. Polo is ageless offering the discerning customer a complete wardrobe to carry them from the high-powered boardrooms of the city to weekends in the country. From the fine manicured lawns of the Sport of Kings to the glass sculptures of urban penthouse living, all are infused with a timelessness and style rarely found in our modern world today. Polo is not just about fine clothing but also more about the art of style. Defining the person not just through what they wear, but how they carry themselves while wearing it. This style is echoed through our exquisitely crafted accessories, from our hand crafted shoes to the graceful lines of our luggage. Together they are all interwoven to form that uniquely stylish yet simply understated person, some would have you believe is the ultimate Polo man or woman.  But we like to think of it quite simply as you………


Polo History

What began few decades ago as a collection of shirts – the item Polo is best known for has grown into an entire lifestyle redefining style. Polo has always stood for providing quality products, creating worlds and inviting people to take part in our dream.  e are the innovators of lifestyle advertisements that tell a story - and the first to create stores that encourage you to participate in that lifestyle. It’s how successful people live their working life or unwind on a leisurely Saturday.  The Polo brand exudes quality. It is quietly understated and confident. The essence of texture is woven into a life of rich colour and heritage. Literally, these textures and materials are very important. Polo is renowned for the beautiful, imported fabrics used – imbued with a sense of luxury that echoes the Polo lifestyle. The use of these fabrics allows the brand to distinguish itself. The Polo look has evolved over the years, aptly mixing formalwear with more casual, roughed-up weekend rugby wear. With fitted, weather-battered hoodies and old-school blazers trimmed in necktie silk, the brand has initiated a new generation to luxe living.  We are all about making garments that are a reflection of your mood and lifestyle, adding to your wardrobe and added value services to you, our customer.  Back when all this started, we felt sure that there were no boundaries for Polo. We are even more sure of this fact today.


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